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An Afternoon with Style Maven Beverly Purcell-Guerra

When one steps into the home of former San Antonio Woman Editor Beverly Purcell-Guerra, a feeling of ease, comfort and a delicate touch of glamour pique your senses. There’s a sunshine-soaked sitting room to the right, and a piano begging to be played on the left. In the midst of such a beautiful space is Beverly herself, telling me she needs to change shoes for our photographer. “The other ones were too strappy,” she says, ever the image of sophistication. For all her illustrious career and vast accomplishments, however, Purcell-Guerra is welcoming, inviting and more than happy to pass...

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Adding Holiday Sparkle To A Grand Estate

Many of us are familiar with the rush of holiday decorating. Carving those pumpkins and setting out ghosts for Halloween, yanking them down and putting up Pilgrims and turkeys for Thanksgiving, and then suddenly it’s time to trim that tree and hang the garland. For many San Antonio homeowners, this means choosing decorations for a home with an average size of 2,236 square feet. That’s challenging enough, but what if you live on an estate? Where would you begin? Cheri Stith and Jamie Weyand of Feather, Fluff and Flings have dealt with this situation a number of times, recently...

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Delicate Decolletage

San Antonio Beauty Professionals Provide Tips For The Care and Maintenance of Your Neck and Chest. In the tender teenage years, basking in the sun on Spring Break, many of us never thought twice about our neck and chest peeling away after far too much exposure. But as we age, this area tends to deteriorate rapidly, with wrinkles and sagging skin creeping in faster than the speed of light. We spoke with local beauty professionals to find out what women can do to prevent the aging process for such a delicate zone of the body, and perhaps even turn...

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Karen Crouch: Bexar County Judge

I currently sit on the bench of County Court at Law #10. I have served as a judge for over two decades. I have also served as a visiting senior judge throughout the state of Texas. Being a judge is my profession, but my passion is my family. I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who happens to be a full-time judge. Would you encourage your children to go into the same field?I would encourage my kids to follow their own passions. Then, they have a job they love doing every day. The law has been very good...

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Leading Us Into the Future

San Antonio has made huge strides in recent years to improve and enrich the lives of citizens and visitors. From very visible physical improvements to the diversification of the economy and the expansion of educational opportunities, the momentum has been created showing that we as a community are determined to invest in our future. The three women featured in this article are on the forefront of that change, working with dedication and enthusiasm to build a stronger city. Lori Houston When Lori Houston first visited San Antonio, she was impressed by the city’s size. Only 22 at the time,...

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