Chocolate and wine, what could be better? But do you know how to properly pair your chocolate with the right wine? Mary Collazo, founder and chocolatier of Chocollazo in San Antonio, offers suggestions for the perfect pairings to treat yourself. In general, Mary suggests: “To keep things very elementary, you typically pair based on color,” she says. “Light with light, dark with dark.”

For White Chocolate: ● Light colored sparkling wines like, rosé, moscato and riesling, pair nicely with buttery, mild-flavored white chocolates.

For Milk Chocolate: ● Medium bodied wines such as pinot noir or merlot are good with milk chocolate.

For Dark Chocolate: ● Deep reds like merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or a good Bordeaux pair well with dark chocolate. “The darker the chocolate, the more intense the flavor. A mild, fruity white wine just can’t stand up to the bold flavors. Conversely, a white chocolate would offer nothing in a sea of overpowering merlot. However, in the spirit of breaking the rules, I like a nice dark chocolate paired with champagne – I like the bubbly texture against the rich, mouth-coating feel of the chocolate. It makes for a nice contrast.”