Bree Soileau

Bree Soileau

Co-Owner of Alamo180

It’s Woman Wednesday! Meet Coach Bree Soileau, Co-Owner of @Alamo180, a triathlon, Crossfit, and personal training gym.

For the first few years in business, Bree and her husband Jeff coached a successful Triathlon team, training athletes for Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, and Ironman races. They worked with beginner to advanced athletes every step of the way, perfecting swim, bike, and running skills. In 2014, Bree and Jeff decided to go all-in and open their own gym.

Starting her own business was scary for Bree, but she had the expertise in fitness, the passion for helping others reach their goals, and the faith in her own abilities. Her advice for other women starting their own business is, “Don’t let fear rob you of an opportunity. Do it scared.”

One of our favorite aspects of @Alamo180 goes beyond the killer workouts. It’s a fitness community for everyone, a team pushing each other to be their best, guided by knowledgeable and caring Coaches. This philosophy is best stated in their mission statement, “No matter your age, fitness level, goals or abilities – everyone is welcomed and belongs. Achieve more, together. Become better, together.”

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