Cece Smith

Cece Smith

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President and Owner

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O: (210) 225 – 8269
C: (210) 289 – 0179


Cece Smith is the President and Owner of Toolbox Studios, a strategic marketing and branding firm in San Antonio. A forward-thinking innovator and digital media marketing specialist, Cece provides clients with a unique and wide range of capabilities in all media settings including web, digital marketing, social media management and Search Engine Optimization.

Cece’s primary focus throughout her career as a manager and business owner has been to provide the highest quality product tailored to each unique business situation. Marketing has changed due to ever-emerging technologies, and it continues to evolve. Gone are the days of traditional advertising’s hit-or-miss methods. Cece and her team are armed with the latest digital tools and strategies which allow them to monitor and track real time results for Toolbox clients.

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Toolbox Studios
454 Soledad Street, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78205

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