Dr. Arti Thangudu

Dr. Arti Thangudu

MD/Owner of Complete Medicine

“When it comes to your goal, go get it. Do the work. Make the life you want for yourself.” 👏🏻Empowering words from this week’s #WomanWednesday, Dr. Arti Thangudu, an endocrinologist whose success in her field is driven by her dedication to both her work and her family.

The Texas native received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, graduated from medical school at UTHSCSA, completed internship at Baylor College of Medicine and residency at Tulane School of Medicine. She completed Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Thangudu is triple board certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Lifestyle Medicine, & Internal Medicine. Dr. Thangudu continues her education every chance she gets. She recently completed a nutrition certification from Cornell and became board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

After moving to SA and working in private practice, Dr. Thangudu was faced with an ultimatum all-too familiar to many women: the choice between a thriving family or a thriving career. Unsatisfied with the status-quo, she blazed her path, opening her own clinic, Complete Medicine. Although going out on her own was a big leap, she says it was the best decision for both her family and her patients. She set a goal, did the work, and the made the life she wanted.

“San Antonio has a diabetes rate of more than 15% (6% points higher than the national average) and this is growing by 1.5% each year. We have more diabetic amputations than anywhere else in the country. Prediabetes affects more than 1/3 of our people.”

By focusing on diet, stress management, sleep, & regular exercise, identifying barriers to health & helping patients set their goals, Dr. Thangudu has been able to reduce diabetes’ burden in all her patients and even reverse type two diabetes. With innovative continuous glucose monitors, patients are able to see their improvements in real-time. This instant gratification builds engagement and success.

When she’s not in her clinic, you can find her caring for retired SAPD & SAFD, calling her patients, educating our community, or hugging her husband & 2 sweet babies💕

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