Hayley Pingree and Molly Badger

Hayley Pingree and Molly Badger

Owners of Brie Here Now

It’s #WomanWednesday! This week we are featuring an amazing team of women who followed their passions to start their own business. Meet Hayley Pingree and Molly Badger of @brieherenow. These two lovely ladies met as yoga teachers, soon becoming close friends and sharing their love of French culture (especially the cheese!). As yoga teachers, Hayley and Molly learned the importance of mindfulness in finding balance in life. The two decided to combine their passions for food and mindfulness to create a unique educational catering experience.

The purpose of @brieherenow is, “to share our love of fine food, entertaining and all things France, but on a deeper level as a place to educate and share how practicing awareness in what and how we eat adds a healthy dose of magic to daily life.”

As a cheese monger in Austin, Hayley brings her knowledge of artisanal cheeses, and her passion for storytelling, sharing the entire process of the animals and people creating what we consume.

Molly’s background as a pastry chef and educator fuel her passion for creative menus and flavor pairings.  She is an ardent francophile, having lived in France for an extended period, and is driven to share the experience of French food culture and lifestyle as much as its classic dishes.

Check out their website for upcoming boards classes, private class options, and all things cheese!

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