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Leslie Edwards

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Leslie Edwards is the CEO of Heart of Texas Fitness, LLC dba Koko FitClub San Antonio. She owns and manages the Koko FitClub franchise in the city with locations in Alamo Heights at the Shops at Lincoln Heights, on 1604 at Ventura Plaza and in Leon Springs at the Boardwalk. With these three locations, Leslie’s Koko FitClubs rank within the top 5 in the nation for number of members after only 3 years of operation. Leslie was elected and serves on the Owner Advisory Board for Koko FitClub Headquarters.

Leslie is involved in the community as a member of the Junior League of San Antonio, where she serves as the VIVA SA race committee chair and a troop leader for Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas at Cambridge Elementary. Recently, she began volunteering with the Mayor’s Fitness Council.

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Koko FitClub San Antonio

Alamo Heights @ Lincoln Heights
Dominion @ The Boardwalk
North SA @ Ventura Plaza

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