Morgan Taplin

Morgan Taplin

Founder of The Executives Inc

Happy #WomanWednesday! Today we are featuring Morgan Taplin, Founder of @TheExecutivesInc and a champion for female entrepreneurs all across the city.

After graduating from UTSA with a degree in Marketing and Business Management, Morgan set out to start her own business. Like most business owners, she initially faced obstacles, specifically in finding a female mentor to connect with and learn from, the hands-on experience not taught in school. Morgan looked for resources, but the only ones she could find were too expensive. Without a mentor, she relied on Google and YouTube for help. 

Realizing she wasn’t the only one looking for mentorship and community, Morgan set out to connect women from all backgrounds and ages to teach and help each other. In 2018, she launched @theExecutiveInc. The platform represents growth, sisterhood, and education for female entrepreneurs.

Morgan organizes bi-monthly events, hosting speakers presenting on all aspects of business including budgeting, logos, marketing, and more. Tickets to the events are typically under $40, keeping them affordable and accessible for all entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, all 10 events so far have sold out!

Attendees for the events vary in their business journeys. The youngest attendee was 15 while the oldest was in her 60s. Every member is there to learn, connect and support each other.  

Morgan’s goal is, “to continue to make connections for women and to help women succeed in their business journeys by creating networking spaces and by continuing to open doors for other women and the city.” 

Morgan’s advice for entrepreneurs is, “Just do it. It’s scary trying anything new, but you just have to start, and go for it. We all have a special gift, a purpose, a reason why you started. Knowing what your niche is, you can always come back to that. Be confident in that gift.”

For Morgan, creating a business for people to mentor, without a mentor, was scary! But she went for it, decided to host an event in 2018, and hasn’t stopped since.   

Check out @theExecutiveInc’s next event, Be Bold and Blossom “7 days, 7 speakers, 7 professions.” March 9-15.

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