In 2010, thousands of San Antonians came together from across all areas of town to create something big. They discussed what they loved about San Antonio, what could improve it, and how we might measure that progress. They gave a few hours over several months to their city, all to build something that could change the lives of their neighbors and the future of San Antonio: a big and bold community vision.

SA2020Today, we approach the goals within that vision the same way. At SA2020, the nonprofit organization acting as a caretaker of the community vision, we believe that a few hours out of your day, or maybe a day out of each month, can have an impact on San Antonio’s bigger picture. We like to think of it as a mosaic: Alone, you might just be one small tile, but when we act together — by volunteering,
donating, voting or simply just by uniting around the same goals — we form a big, beautiful picture.

Each year, SA2020 releases an impact report — a comprehensive look at where San Antonio stands on our shared goals. If you’re reading this after January 19, you can see the full report at or follow our community progress at And whether the data show that a goal has already been met, or whether it’s fallen so off track that it looks hopeless, we want you to always look at the bigger picture.

Why is this indicator moving in the right direction? Why is that one moving in the wrong direction? How do all of these indicators influence each other? What can I do to contribute to the community results that speak most to me?

And in San Antonio’s 300th year, there will be even more opportunities and reason than ever to contribute to those community results. You can support our arts and culture institutions by visiting their special

Tricentennial exhibits and performances. You can commit to 300 miles of walking, biking, and/or running, to see more of San Antonio and get healthier. You can support the next generation and set up San Antonio for the following 300 years by becoming a mentor or hosting an intern at your business. In fact, if you’re reading this after January 19, we offer you 300 ways to create impact in our community at Consider it an opportunity to make a resolution with results that benefit all of San Antonio.

This year, we hope you’ll discover how you’re a part of San Antonio’s bigger picture. When we all take our own small piece and work toward the same community results, we can build a stronger, more prosperous city — and a more beautiful San Antonio mosaic.

By Molly Cox