Priscilla Benavides

Priscilla Benavides

Owner of Pure Heart Pancakes

It’s #WomanWednesday! Meet Priscilla Benavides, owner of @Pure_heart_pancakes. Priscilla’s journey is inspiring, relatable, and triumphant. After testing positive for the BRCA1 gene (breast cancer predisposition) at 28, Priscilla decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy followed by reconstruction. After several operations, she experienced a gradual decline in her health and physical abilities. As her symptoms got worse, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and an Autoimmune disease. At one point, she was on over 50 different pills a day to treat her illnesses.

Determined to live a healthy life for her son, she decided to completely reboot her system. Priscilla underwent an explant surgery to remove her implants, overhauled her diet, and followed a workout plan to get herself back to better health. Soon after this lifestyle change, and discontinuing all medication, she was feeling healthy, strong, and back to her old self.

Her health journey inspired her side business, Pure Heart Pancakes. Her son loves Saturday morning pancakes, but she couldn’t find any brands that weren’t filled with artificial and inflammatory ingredients. So, she made her own and they are delicious! You can find Pure Heart Pancake mix on her website or at local stores listed on her social media.

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