Kristin Fay

Kristin Fay

Owner of Smart Barre San Antonio

Meet Kristin Fay, this week’s Woman Wednesday! Like most female business owners, Kristin wears many hats: Entrepreneur, Mom, Boss, CFO, Wife and more. Her journey has taken her from corporate accountant, to stay-at-home mom, to owner of four Smart Barre locations in San Antonio. Kristin’s life-long passions for fitness and bringing people together to build community are evident the moment you walk in to her studios.

She came to Smart Barre as a client, recovering from knee surgery and disappointed in the long recovery process. As an avid runner, she was hesitant to start a low-impact workout, but soon came to love the community, the amazing results and to rely on the classes as a staple in her wellness routine. One thing led to another, and she and her husband acquired the Smart Barre locations, Kristin took the leap and even opened a fourth in Leon Springs.

Kristin’s mission with Smart Barre is to provide a space where women feel supported, take time for themselves and find the joy in movement. Her classes are filled with women ages 18-84 who share their experiences from all stages of life. Brides-to-be work out the stress of wedding planning, new moms recharge, marathoners cross-train; there is community and support at all stages of life.

Building strength together is an important aspect of the Smart Barre studios and one that Kristin cherishes. As a mom and entrepreneur, finding balance between work and home can leave you feeling pulled in opposite directions. Fortunately, the sisterhood at Smart Barre, her incredible team, her supportive husband, and her proud sons keep her balanced and motivated.

Kristin’s advice for other women in business is to build each other up and to focus on collaboration over competition. Connecting with others, sharing your experiences, and staying true to your values are fundamental to prosperity.

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