Sexual Assault Safety Awareness

WOAI News assisted the Rape Crisis Center,, to officially begin Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, by sharing some helpful tips from Gilbert De La Portilla, Crime Tracker Specialist.  His tips on sexual assault safety include to:

  1. Believe you are a survivor and never give up in the situation.
  2. Fight hard, but run away from the situation. Most sexual assault perpetrators are people the victim knows.
  3. Report a good description of the person and let someone know, especially the police.
  4. Report the incident to the police. You may file a restraining order against the individual if it is someone you know.

The theme for April 2018 is “Embrace Your Voice.”  Messaging will include encouragement for women to stand up for survivors and more education of this issue.

The Rape Crisis Center is located at 4606 Centerview, #200, 78228.

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