Yvonne Addison

Yvonne Addison

President of the Junior League of San Antonio

Meet Yvonne Addison, this week’s #WomanWednesday and the President of the Junior League of San Antonio. As the President of @JLSA, Yvonne is leading the legacy of generations of women working together to better our communities. Her position has taught her the ins and outs of running a non-profit, a completely different experience than her previous work as a Mechanical Engineer. Her 10 years at JLSA, first as a member and now as President, have taught her the importance of building sisterhood, learning from each other’s experiences, and serving the community.

As a business owner and President of JLSA, Yvonne’s goal is to “Encourage women to give their passions a shot. Our biggest fears are in our head, and we can scare ourselves out of opportunities. The first step in quieting that fear is to realize the tremendous amount of support around you.”

“Asking for help can be the hardest part in getting the support you need as a woman in business, but leaning on your community is important. Sometimes you need professional guidance, sometimes you just need someone to talk to,” says Yvonne. In an organization 96-years strong with hundreds of members past and present, there is always someone to turn to.

In recognition of their upcoming centennial anniversary, Yvonne and her fellow JLSA Members are leading the charge, through a partnership with Clarity Child Guidance Center, that focuses on supporting children’s mental wellness. As their Centennial Signature Project, Members are building an educational program focused on mental wellness for elementary-age children. The Centennial Campaign, Paving New Paths, will deepen the impact by funding a grant to renovate a space on the CCGC campus which will be utilized to train caregivers and mental health professionals.

You may recognize some of JLSA’s previous Signature Projects around town such as Sunshine Cottage, the walking trails at Brackenridge Park and Literacy San Antonio, which became SA Reads.

P.S. JLSA is currently accepting applications for new members! Check out their website for more!

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