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Karen Crouch: Bexar County Judge

I currently sit on the bench of County Court at Law #10. I have served as a judge for over two decades. I have also served as a visiting senior judge throughout the state of Texas. Being a judge is my profession, but my passion is my family. I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who happens to be a full-time judge. Would you encourage your children to go into the same field?I would encourage my kids to follow their own passions. Then, they have a job they love doing every day. The law has been very good...

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Leading Us Into the Future

San Antonio has made huge strides in recent years to improve and enrich the lives of citizens and visitors. From very visible physical improvements to the diversification of the economy and the expansion of educational opportunities, the momentum has been created showing that we as a community are determined to invest in our future. The three women featured in this article are on the forefront of that change, working with dedication and enthusiasm to build a stronger city. Lori Houston When Lori Houston first visited San Antonio, she was impressed by the city’s size. Only 22 at the time,...

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Women in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Specialists In The Engine of Growth When people think about different types of commercial real estate, they typically think about shopping centers, office buildings or warehouses. The commercial real estate industry includes much more — all kinds of industrial spaces for manufacturing and producing goods, multifamily homes, hotels, land, even special purpose real estate for facilities like churches or nursing homes. A commercial real estate firm advises both investors and companies how to select properties for investment or development and how to negotiate lease agreements that will attract and keep tenants, all while sharing insights on the latest...

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Go-To Leaders

In San Antonio, they are known as the leaders who get the job done. If you have a professional orcommunity need, just go to one of these women, and they will either help or point you in the right direction. They are forging community partnerships, connecting people who need to be connected and helping individuals and organizations to find new opportunities. These women are game changers in our community in many ways. Bonnie Prosser ElderBonnie Prosser Elder has been involved in community service since she was a child. Her mother was a member of Jack & Jill of America,...

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Women in Law

Relationships and Expertise Equal Better Client Outcomes There are two professionals every business owner eventually needs: an accountant and a lawyer. For entrepreneurs just starting or already running a small business, many may wonder if they need a business lawyer. Those beginning with little extra capital to spare may think to hire an attorney experienced with business matters only when they are confronting a legal issue. Instead, it’s helpful to think of retaining the services of a trusted legal adviser as a cost of doing business that can save money and help your business over time. The four business...

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